October 16, 2022

IRP Expands Its E-Powertrains Testing Capabilities With A Brand-New Regenerative Dynamometer System


A 250kW regenerative dynamometer system has been added to IRP’s dynamometer line-up to support its development of high-voltage e-powertrain systems.

With its advanced capabilities, the new Dynamometer system can test motors up to 250kW, 500 Nm, and 16000 RPM, Battery simulator – up to 250kW.

It provides a comprehensive solution for performance, efficiency, and durability testing of all types of powertrains (HUB & Flange Type Motor).

It is also designed for real-time simulation including acceleration, braking, and changes in vehicle state while simulating road conditions and various driving cycles.


The newly installed Dynamometer system is part of IRP’s investment in its long-term vision of making electric vehicles affordable, safe, and efficient for everyone.

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