February 16, 2022

IRP Expands Its Global Presence With A New India Office


IRP Expands Its Global Presence with a New India Office

IRP Systems, the leading provider of cutting-edge electric powertrain solutions, has opened a new office in Bangalore, India, as part of a strategic plan to expand its presence in key markets worldwide.

We are excited to announce the opening of IRP’s new office in Bangalore, India.

This office will serve as a customer support and business development center. This is part of IRP’s 2022 strategic plan to expand our presence in key markets to tighten our relationship with our customers and serve our growing customer base closely and locally.

India’s massive automotive market, spanning from the popular two and three-wheeler platforms to four-wheelers, is striving for affordable and durable electrification solutions. Along with the government’s strong support and the urgent need for decarbonization, it is one of the most promising markets for electric mobility solution providers, and its revolution has only just begun. Recognizing the subcontinent’s huge opportunity, IRP has begun its operations in this key market several years ago.

With IRP’s entrance into India, we have established commercial ties with industry leaders and are working on various innovative solutions for 2, 3, and 4-wheeled vehicles. A recently announced partnership is focused on the development of a revolutionary magnet-less electric powertrain with Sona Comstar, a leading automotive manufacturer in India. Designed for personal mobility platforms, this solution removes the dependency on rare earth materials.

IRP’s CEO, Moran Price, said “We are excited to be expanding to India. This will enable us to strengthen relationships with local industry players and accelerate the EV revolution in the subcontinent. IRP’s technology addresses perfectly the needs of the Indian market and will undoubtedly help to reduce CO2 emissions.”

The company plans to open more locations soon – stay tuned.

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