October 10, 2022

IRP Received the Technical Leadership Award from FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership


Fisita, The International Federation of Automotive Engineering, awarded IRP Systems for its expertise, knowledge, and contribution to the automotive industry at the FISITA world mobility summit.

We are thrilled to announce that IRP Systems received the Technical Leadership Award from the FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership.

The Fisita Academy of Technical Leadership was established to create a unique status within the automotive and mobility systems engineering community. It recognizes outstanding achievements, commitment, and contribution to the automotive industry.

IRP’s CEO, Moran Price said: “We are extremely proud to be recognized as a technology leader among Fisita’s leading automotive players and will continue to work relentlessly in its mission to accelerate EV adoption worldwide.”

Additionally, Ms. Price discussed IRP’s strategy for accelerating EV adoption worldwide and its advanced e-powertrain technology that makes electric vehicles more affordable and accessible.

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