March 10, 2023

IRP’s Chief Innovation Officer, Prof. Sam Ben-Yaakov ranked #10 Among Israeli Scientists In The Field Of Electronics And Electrical Engineering


Prof. Sam Ben-Yaakov, IRP’s Chief Innovation Officer was selected by, a leading academic platform for researchers as one of the leading scientists in Israel.  

We are proud to share that our Chief Innovation Officer, Prof. Sam Ben-Yaakov, has been ranked #10 among Israeli scientists in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering by

This prestigious recognition is a testament to Prof. Ben-Yaakov’s outstanding contributions to the field of electronics and electrical engineering.’s ranking methodology factors in the academic publication record of top scientists, with at least 30 publications, from leading universities worldwide such as Cambridge, MIT, and Harvard.

Prof. Ben-Yaakov’s expertise, professionalism, and innovative approach are essential to driving IRP’s ground-breaking technology in electric powertrain systems.

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