June 1, 2023

IRP’s E-Racing Team Wins 24H Endurance Race with a Serial Dynamic 6 Motor Controller


We are thrilled to share our win in the demanding 24H endurance race – “Pinasco Vespa The Resistance” in Zuera, Spain. E-Racing, IRP’s sponsored team finished first among the electric teams, completing 848 laps and nearly 1500 KM at an average speed of 70 KM/h, and a top speed of 110 KM/h over 24 consecutive hours. By using our standard off-the-shelf Dynamic 6 controller, the team won the 24H race due to its extreme performance, durability, and zero malfunctions.


The E-Racing Team In Zuera’s International Circuit

Stretching over 1.7 kilometers and featuring 11 turns, the Zuera International Circuit creates challenging and demanding driving conditions that require high torque, instant powerful accelerations, precise driving experience, and zero tolerance for reliability issues. Furthermore, constant driving, temperature changes between day and night, different driver behaviors, and more put substantial pressure on the vehicle and its components.


It is our pride to have such a winning product that performed extremely well under these harsh conditions and delivered exceptional reliability. IRP’s CTO, Paul Price, said: “This is an outstanding achievement that demonstrates IRP’s dedication and professionalism in incorporating state-of-the-art engineering and bringing an outstanding product to market.”

IRP’s Dynamic 6 Motor Controller Used in the 24H Endurance Race

IRP wishes to extend a big congratulations to the incredible E-Racing team – Eduardo Quesada Sevillano, Oriol Urpi Pino, Albert Gallostra, Daniel Ortega and Alberto Abella.

E-Racing Team With The Converted Electric Vespa

About The Race

Pinasco Vespa The Resistance is a 24-hour endurance race with only Vespas and Lambrettas allowed from stock to highly modified machines. 60 international teams and 320 professional riders race every year as the rise of electric vehicles brought this trend into the race with new electric teams. More info here >> www.vtr24h.com/en/

Zuera’s International Circuit

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