Revolutionary Technology
Made Scalable,


First And Only Company To

Transform The Art
Of Open Winding Into A Commercial Reality

Traditional electric motors are
optimized for either torque or speed

The torque is proportional to the current, while the speed is proportional to the voltage. In the traditional topologies of the motor inverter, it is impossible to obtain both at high efficiency.

Our unique powertrain design can achieve both at high efficiency

The technology hinges on Open Winding topology. This enables high efficiency and high torque at all speeds. However, the solution requires complex control algorithm and is challenging to produce commercially.

We made it cost effective, scalable,
and manufacturable

We made this revolutionary technology accessible and scalable in both the hardware and control algorithms, making it the ideal solution for any platform.
  • Greater and wider
    efficiency range
  • Compact motor size
  • High torque
    across all ranges
  • High max speed, minimal
    use of field weakening
  • No changes required
    in the production lines
  • motor type agnostic
    (fits PMSM, EESM, Axial Flux, etc.)


Making EVs The New Normal Requires Scalability

Software Is Key

Advanced and Efficient
Control Algorithms

IRP’s control algorithms and embedded real-time software are designed to effectively and efficiently enable virtual control of an Open Winding powertrain system.

The algorithms use low CPU resources and take advantage of the hardware’s extended performance to optimize the powertrain’s efficiency.

Modular Inverter Architecture

IRP’s modular inverter architecture enables the re-use of our software core, our control algorithms and the hardware’s digital stage across a variety of applications and system power levels.

This enables quick time to market, reduced development efforts and reduced system cost.

Advanced Functionality
and Configuration

By implementing comprehensive functionality in software rather than hardware, and by providing endless configuration and adaptation options,
IRP’s systems can be easily and quickly integrated with any specific vehicle and be optimized to its specific characteristics.

Additional adjustments and enhancements can
be implemented using software updates on an
on-going basis.


From Prototype To Serial Production

Development Made Entirely In-House

IRP’s R&D consists of various interdisciplinary teams that collaborate to create end-to-end optimized solutions. From prototype to serial production, we develop our products and next-gen technology entirely in-house.
  • Embedded and Application SW
  • E-motor Design
    and Simulation
  • Electronics and HW
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • System Architecture
  • Integration, validation
    and Testing